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Manage Your Band!

Band Details, Setlists, Songs, and More!


1 Manage Your Band – From your Couch or the Gig


Band Details

Track multiple bands – including contact information/social networking links and band members’ contact information. Share information with band members throughout the app with one click.


Songs & Charts

Create songs linked with your iTunes library for easy playback. Track multiple song attributes including tempo, key, and custom settings. Attach multiple charts to each song (PDF, TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, JPG, and more), or quickly create charts as TXT, PDF, or from a snapped pic. Play back songs with fully configurable audio/visual tap tempo indicator.



Create multiple setlists from songs with easy add/delete/drag & drop for re-ordering. Easily play back songs in setlist order while viewing song charts with fully configurable audio/visual tap tempo indicator.

2 Share Data With Band Members

(In-App Purchase Required)

bm-icon-150Share charts, song, and setlist data with other iBandManager users – this is a great way to keep all band members in sync! Export/import charts only, full songs (with or without charts), and setlists.

  • Email charts directly from the song
  • Export to email entire song objects including all data (with or without associated charts)
  • Export to email the entire setlist object (will reconnect all songs if they exist in your app)
  • Import all of the above from another iBandManager user, with the option to overwrite existing data or add it as new
  • See the FAQ for more info: Email Data Sharing FAQ

3 Other Features

  • Band details with multiple expanding sections – About, Band Members, Contact Info (booking, website, email, Facebook, Twitter), Bio, and Notes
  • Add files to the app via iTunes File Sharing, email, or create/edit new charts in-app via copy/paste from other sources
  • Create setlists directly from iTunes playlists
  • Create songs from existing charts (great for first getting started
  • Configurable setlist display options to show/hide song order, artist, key, tempo, settings, and length
  • Take pictures and store to your band’s custom photo album
  • Take pictures to quickly use as a new chart
  • AirPlay compatible – play songs or send screen output directly to another compatible source
  • Email the setlist as text/html, an attached CSV file, or as a JPEG image
  • Copy setlists to quickly create similar ones
  • Print setlists to AirPrint compatible devices
  • Backup and restore the app database using iTunes File Sharing
  • View the iBandManger FAQ, News page, and get support – all directly in the app
  • This is just the beginning for iBandManager – more is coming soon!

4 Reviews & Feedback

Sweetwater Review

Mitch Gallagher, Editorial Director

..I really love this application. To fully appreciate the app you need to give it some attention..Excellent for a musician who plays a variety of set lists and uses an iPad at gigs. Thanks, best app of this type that I have found.

5-Star Reviewfuture Rock Star

This app is probably the best music [app] I’ve purchased. Great for learning songs, sharing set lists and charts, and indispensable on a gig. I’ve even used it to play a quick request by creating a quick lyric cheat sheet from the Internet. Great work!

5-Star Reviewfuture Rock Star