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FARK® Not News

It’s Not News..It’s FARK.


FARK® is a registered trademark of FARK.COM, used with permission.

1 Main Features


Not News

Quickly scan or search the latest FARK headlines in any of the standard categories – Main, Sports, Business, Geek, Entertainment, Politics, or Video. Use the integrated web browser to view the linked article(s). See what other farkers are saying, or add your own thoughts to FARK comment threads. Share the best ones with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message.



Favorite the best headlines with full syncing from the app to your Fark.com web account for later viewing. Add/delete favorites from a desktop browser or the app and see the changes everywhere. Share favorites via Facebook, Twitter, email, or text message.



Find other farkers, FARK Parties, and share your current status with others worldwide using the FARKLocator integrated map view. View FARK party details and check out the comments of others who are attending. View other FARK users’ profiles directly from the map. Manage your privacy by auto-hiding your location when within a specified radius of “Home”, or turn it off entirely.

2 Other Features

  • Log in with your FARK credentials, or create an account directly from the app.
  • Log into Facebook and Twitter.
  • Submit your own headlines and see if you can get “green-lit”; moved to the main pages for the world to see.
  • Adjust the headline font size for easier viewing.
  • Set the number of headlines retrieved on each refresh.
  • Do it all ad-free!

3 Reviews & Feedback

..it’s pretty clear that it’s funny. Really funny. So, to both Farkers of the world and to those who have never heard of it..if you like the site, there’s an app for that, too.

Bonnie Eisenman148apps.com

Awesome app!!!

Shintochickfarker5-Star Review

Love this app! great way to get and share fark from my iPhone!

hermafr0bunnyfarker5-Star Review