iBandManager V2.1 Now Available

iBandManager V2.1 is now available. This release fixes a minor bug and adds an easy data export to iBandManager Pro.

Release Notes:

IMPORTANT: This version updates the file export mechanism in order to be compatible with iBandManager Pro. As a result, all iBandManager users need to upgrade to this version in order to share data (setlists and songs).

Bug Fixes:
◦ Fixed iTunes Media Picker showing small iPhone keyboard when searching

◦ NEW – iBandManager Pro will be released soon – check for availability in the Settings menu -> Get iBandManager Pro!
◦ NEW – Added “Export Data to Pro” – will automatically move all data and charts to iBandManager Pro (please wait, as it could take several minutes)
◦ NEW – Updated song and setlist import procedures to be compatible with data exported from iBandManager Pro. Additional attributes available in iBandManager Pro will not be imported.

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