iBandManager V1.6 Now Available

    Bug Fixes:

  • App crash with 2nd press of camera button in top toolbar
  • App crash when entering numbers without “:” in song length field
  • Email Data Sharing – App crashes when importing some setlists
  • Tested to work with setlists containing duplicates and large ~100 song setlists with many charts


  • NEW – Audio/Visual Metronome-Tempo Indicator on song, setlist, and tap tempo views
  • Fully configurable with options for Visual On/Off, Audio On/Off, Audio Count-In (Beats), and Volume
  • NOTE: Touch the tempo indicator to display the options menu.
  • NOTE: Your iPad volume should be un-muted to hear the metronome. Music plays with the iPad muted, the metronome does not.
  • NOTE: Audio Count-In allows you to hear the metronome only for the specified number of beats before becoming silent.
  • NEW (V1.5) – All graphics/artwork updated for the new iPad retina display

    NEW (V1.4) – Email Data Sharing Available Via In-App Purchase
    Share charts, song, and setlist data with other iBandManager users. This is a great way to keep all band members in sync! Export/import charts only, full songs (with or without charts), and setlists.

  • Email charts directly from the song
  • Export to email entire song objects including all data (with or without associated charts)
  • Export to email the entire setlist object (will reconnect all songs if they exist in your app)
  • Import all of the above from another iBandManager user, with the option to overwrite existing data or add it as new


  • You can MOVE SONGS in the setlist very easily by putting the setlist in edit mode (pencil icon) and dragging the song to a new position
  • You can COPY SETLISTS. Go to the top toolbar on the setlist, select the ‘action’ button, select “Copy Setlist”
  • You can STAY IN SYNC WITH YOUR BANDMATES, with the in-app purchase option ‘Email Data Sharing’
  • You can MOVE ENTIRE SETLISTS (including songs) from one band to another by using the in-app purchase option ‘Email Data Sharing’ and exporting the file from one band and importing to the other
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