Back Up Your Database

Once selected, the database will be copied to the iTunes file sharing directory for your app.  Open iTunes, go to Apps, scroll to the bottom under File Sharing, and select iBandManager.  There you will see a list of files.  You can drag the file “BandManager backup.sqlite” to a safe place on your PC.  The database will not be backed up unless you follow these steps.

  1. Adam Kane

    when backing up thedata base it only makes 140kb file. i have pdf’s bigger than that. what exactly is it backing up/?

    • Kineso

      Adam – the database contains the data, but just links to the chart files. To move an entire setup from one iPad to another (for example), you would need to backup the database and copy the database backup and all chart files from the Documents directory to the new iPad’s iBandManager Documents directory using iTunes file sharing.

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